Wood Chipper & Wood Crusher with Unbeatable Machine Quality

Wood chipper is a necessary equipment for wood processing. It is mainly used to cut the wood materials into a smaller size. There are two types of wood chipper according to structure design: disc-type wood chipper and drum-type wood chipper. The disc-type wood chipper is born to chip wood logs or premium wood materials with a diameter less than 18cm. The drum wood chipper is designed to cutting wood branches, wood planks, wood waste and some fibrous materials such as hemp pole, reed, bamboo. Professional structure design, eximious cutting blades layout, premium Azeus wood crusher with various yield is available!

  • Disc Wood Chipper
  • Drum Wood Chipper

Wood crusher is usually suitable for fiber materials processing. Combining crushing and grinding, the wood crusher can realize the one-stop operation of the fiber materials grinding. The raw materials can be processed by wood crusher are pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, branches, thatch, straw and etc. High efficiency, safe and stable operation, reasonable design, compact and simple structure, Azeus wood crusher is widely used in paper, high-density board, fiberboard, edible fungi cultivation and wood pellets making. With a remarkable crushing effect, various types, Azeus is the leading brand in wood crushing.

  • Single Inlet Wood Crusher
  • Double-inlet Wood Crusher
  • Stalk Crushing Machine

Scientific and reasonable hammer arrangement, fast grinding efficiency, large capacity, Azeus wood hammer is specially developed to grinding wood chips,wood shaving, wood barks and agricultural wastes into sawdust for paper, wood particle board and wood pellets making. To satisfy different production demand, we have designed three types of hammer mill for your choice: Common wood hammer mill, Wide chamber wood hammer mill and waterdrop wood hammer mill. We also supply small wood hammer mill with electric motor and diesel engines for home use and small wood pellet production line.

  • The application of sawdust making machine is not just limited to the assistive tool in briquette and pellet processing. It has far more function in various fields. This article will take you on a tour of sawdust making machine for mushroom cultivation

  • Wood hammer mills can process various biomass like tree branch, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat straw, peanut shell, bean stalk and etc. into desired sizes. There are five kinds of hammer mills for material grinding.

Why Choose Azeus Wood Crusher

Reason 1: Either your material are logs with large diameter or agricultural residues, you can find a suitable processing machine here. Fine grinding and coarse grinding are free for choice.Reason 2: Pre-sale & After-sale Service ★ Spare parts can be supplied timely ★ Questions can be answered within 24 hours

★ Be able to supply machines meeting different volt and frequency from different   countries.Read More

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