Wood Hammer Mill Role in Biofuel Pellets Production

If you are planning to invest wood products processing industry,you will be glad to see this article. As with the developing of wood processing equipment, wood products species are increasing day by day. Thus the existing wood products market is almost full of the current brands and products. In this case, developing new wood products would be a good way to get profit in wood product market. Nowadays, with people pay more attention on renewable clean energy, the fossil alternative fuel product–biomass fuel pellets appears to gain popular and shows a bright market prospects in the wood product market. We are reasonable to believe that to invest wood hammer mill for wood pellets production will payback richly in the future.

Wood Hammer Mill Function in Wood Pellet Making Plant

In a wood pellet line, the wood hammer mill is commonly used as a crushing equipment. Firstly, the wood logs with a relative large diameter should be crushed into wood chips or wood shaving by the wood crusher. Then the wood chips would be transmitted into the wood hammer mill. It is in the wood hammer mill that the wood chips and shavings is grinding into wood sawdust. Finally, the wood sawdust will become wood pellets when it is compressed by a wood pellet mill. Uniform size, high density, efficient combustion value, wood pellets is becoming more and more popular as a alternative fuel for fossil fuel resource. Besides wood, there are a lot of biomass materials could be processing by wood hammer mill to make biofuel pellets, for example, crop stalk, rich straw, coconut shell, sunflower husk, etc.

What will Wood Pellets do Good to us?
A. Environmental benefits Unlike fossil fuels, wood pellets don’t release poisonous gas during its combustion. It is also a carbon-neutral product. Wood pellets combustion won’t increase the greenhouse effect. B. Economic benefits In recent years, the price of fossil fuels is growing in continuous fluctuations. As we all know, fossil fuel is important limiting factor of industrial development. Finding alternatives to fossil fuels becomes especially important. Wood materials, especially some biomass materials is relative cheap. Using wood pellets in industry and home to produce energy will greatly reduce the heating cost. C. Health benefits

Wood pellets will give you a comfortable burning experience. With correct operation, wood pellets will not produce smoke in the combustion process. As it is with the uniform size, wood pellets is quite easy to operate. That is to say, it is clean and simple to use.

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