Wide Application of Wood Crusher for Biomass Briquette Processing

There are a lot of applications for wood crusher, such as wood logs processing, making wood sawdust, chipboard making, fiberboard making, animal bedding making, etc. Besides these, the wood crusher still has a wide scope of applications. One hot application for wood crusher is service as a wood crushing equipment to make wood particle for biomass wood briquettes processing. The final product — wood briquettes have a extensive application in industrial boilers, co-fired power station and in home heating, barbecue stove, etc.

Wood Crusher Features for Briquettes Making

Wood crusher is designed to reduced the size of wood materials. Commonly, wood crusher is suitable for crushing wood logs, wood planks, wood branches and wood waste with a diameter about 5-25cm. The products size is about 6-10mm. There are also larger wood crushers could process wood logs with larger diameters. Besides, wood crusher is available for processing other materials such as corn stalk,bean stalks, coconut shell, wheat straw, rice husk, bamboo, cotton stalks, etc. The products processed by wood crusher is fine and uniform, thus can be used for wood briquettes, wood chipboard, fiberboard, animal bedding making.

Benefits of Wood Crusher for Briquettes Processing

A. Reasonable design, compact and simple structure, wood crusher is safe and easy to operate.

B. With only one motor driving, the wood crusher is ow consumption and high efficiency, with premium crushing effect and low cost.

C. Wide application. The wood crusher can not only processing wood materials, it is suitable for processing a wide scope of fiber materials. The final products can be used for processing wood pellets, wood briquettes, chipboard, fiberboard, animal bedding, etc.

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