small electric wood hammer mill

Small Wood Hammer Mill Application
To satisfy the different production yield demands for biomass materials grinding, Our company designed the small electric wood hammer mill specially for small scale biomass materials grinding. Driven by electric motor makes the small wood hammer mill more energy-saving and environmental friendly. Special design and perfect performance,it has a wide application in agricultural waste grinding and wood materials grinding of small wood processing factories.
Raw materials: wood cuttings, planer shavings, dry wood chips, green wood chips, pre-hogged wood scraps,bark, branches, wood chip, haulm, peanut straw, sweet potato straw, rice straw, wheat husks, sunflower husks(with a water content less than )

corn stalks for making biomass pellets

wood chips

electric wood hammer mill

Performance Features of Small Electric Wood Hammer Mill
The small electric wood hammer mill is composed of these main parts: crushing area. electric driven motor and the control bin. The rotor in the grinding area is the main grinding component of the hammer mill. In the grinding area, the blades installed on the rotor rotate rapidly and form a continuous airflow in the grinding area. Then the raw materials rotate with the airflow and will be crushed for several times before discharging to required size. Reasonable layout of blade, advanced frame design, compact structure, the small electric wood hammer mills are running well in a lot of farm and wood processing place.

operating guidance

Small Electric Wood Hammer Mill Operating Directions
1. The most suitable environmental conditions: temperature for 5 DHS C – DHS 40 C, relative humidity of 90% or less, ventilated, dry place.
2. It is forbidden to underage children without authorization the mechanical contact, so as to avoid an accident.
3. Before using, it is necessary to determine whether the power supply voltage is normal, the power supply socket have reliable grounding line.
4. The drier the raw materials are, the better the grinding effect is. It is not suitable for processing grease items.
5. Before using, checking whether the blade screw is loose is necessary to ensure safety.
6. After long time using, if the razor blades wear seriously,replacement is needed.

Technical Data of the Small Electric Wood Hammer Mill

Particle size



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