Small Diesel Wood Hammer Mill/Homemade Hammer Mill

Small Diesel Wood Hammer Mill Introduction
As its name says, the small diesel wood hammer mill is driven by a diesel engine. The crushing body is combined with the diesel engine through some driving belts. As this wood hammer mill is driven by diesel, it can be used in electricity lacking area to grinding wood materials or agricultural waste for biomass fuel materials processing.

Diesel Wood Hammer Mill Application

It’s common used for crushing wood material at home and farm or in small scale wood processing factories. The raw materials the machine can process are : wood branches, wood barks, wood cuttings, crop stalks, rice husk, cotton stalks, coconut shells, sunflower husks, wheat straw, rice straw, palm kernel shells, haulm, peanut straw, sweet potato straw and so on. The final products of the hammer mill, fine and uniform, have a wide application for biomass fuel pellets, animal bedding and other wood product production.

Remarkable Features of the Small Diesel Wood Hammer Mill 1. Suitable for small scale wood pellet production. 2. Mesh size can be adjusted from 1.8-10mm. 3. Diesel engine biomass hammer mill is suitable for areas short of electricity or areas inconvenient to connect electricity. 4. It is widely used for grinding for maize, grain sorghum, rice bran, rice straw, vine, maize straw, sorghum stalk.beanstalk,wheat straw etc. 5. Belt conveying, compact structure, easy to operate, all of all rotors pass an accurate dynamic balancing test, less vibration during running. 6. It is with aspiration system, high output, less noise and easy to operate. 7. To ensure security, the feed inlet of this machine adopts self auction design to avoid serious damage to operators.

Technical Data of the Diesel Wood Hammer Mill



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