Wood Hammer Mill for Both Coarse & Fine Grinding

Introduction to Wood Hammer Mill
The common wood hammer mill is used to grinding wood materials such as wood chips, wood shavings, wood cuttings, wood sawdust, wood waste to a smaller size required. The end product is widely used for wood pellets, wood briquette, wood composite board production. With a more than ten years production history, Azeus has been the expert in wood hammer mill manufacturing and we have also developed a series of small electric wood hammer mill to satisfy different demands for wood materials processing.

Applications of Wood Hammer Mill

Ideal for large and medium scale wood production, the common wood hammer mill is suitable for grinding planer shavings, dry wood chips, green wood chips, pre-hogged wood scraps, wood sawdust, wood barks, torrefied biomass and so on. The end products of the common wood hammer mill have a smaller size than wood crusher and wood chipper shredder which can be used for processing wood pellets, wood briquette, boiler fuel, animal bedding, wood composite board, wood flour, playground cover,etc.

Wood Hammer Mill Remarkable Features

1. Universal type product, stable performance, widely used for grinding of raw materials in large and medium-sized wood pellet plant.
2. The all-in-one base design make the structure of the wood hammer mill steadier and sightlier.

3. Adopt coupling direct drive, scientific and reasonable hammer arrangement and hammer screen clearance ensure uniform fineness of the finished products. 4. Advanced twice strike technology of the pulverizing chamber, good rigidity pedestal and small vibration. 5. A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose, flexible opening device and elastic pressure sieve mechanism, convenient to operate and maintain.

6. Adopting the international advanced energy-saving technology. After testing, every tons of products processing power consumption is 5.5 KWH. Technical Parameters of the Wood Hammer Mill

Model Power Rotor diameter Spindle speed Chamber width Hammer no. Capacity
SDH-ZW36A 22/37kw 560(570)mm 2980rpm 360mm 48 3-5t/h
SDH-ZW40A 37/45kw 560(570)mm 2980rpm 400mm 56 5-7t/h

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