Double Roller Wood Debarker

Wood Debarker Introduction
Compared with traditional wood debarking machine, the modern one has enlarged bark discharging slant hole and infinitely variable speed roller, both of which contribute to the optimal peeling effect and productivity. As an indispensable tool in automatic production line, our self-developed wood debarker is consistent with the need of market development, and it can process wood with different species, diameters and water content without clogging.
Wood Peeler Application
As the associated equipment of automatic production, our wood peeler is applicable for debarking not only the newly-cut softwood and some hardwood, like eucalyptus and poplars, but part of freezing and dry wood. It is widely applied in the assembly line work of MDF and paper manufacturing factory, veneer peeling factory, chip and pulp mill, wood storage plant, forestry center, etc.

Wood Debarker Characteristics
1. High work efficiency: Our log debarking equipment adopts open bin that feeds from one side and discharges from the other. This pipelining operation overcomes the defect of sectional working mode (cut off power to feed and discharge materials) of current drum debarker and enhances their efficiency accordingly.
2. High peeling rate: The impact of debarker teeth enable logs to do circular motion in the enclosure and revolve on its own axis simultaneously, which increases its productivity, reaching to over 95% for such stubborn species as eucalyptus and poplars.
3. Wide application: This series of machines are widely applicable for debarking logs with different species, diameters, length and shapes.
4. Low consumption & malfunction: The fixed and motionless enclosure not only lowers energy consumption and failure rate but also reduces the trouble caused by vibration and noise.
5. Convenient usage: The debarking machines can be used even without base installation.
Wood Debarking Machine Working Principle
Thanks to the unique acting force produced by rotors with peeling teeth, the logs’ circulating motion in cabinet, rotation on its own axis and irregular bounce are all realized. Thus, the barks are separated quickly by the resulting unceasing friction, impact and extrusion between teeth and logs, logs and logs as well as logs and bin.

Wood Debarker Technical Parameters

Specifications  6m double-roller  9m double-roller  12m double-roller
 Capacity(t/h)  5-10t  10-15t  15-25t
 Main motor power(kw)  7.5*2  7.5*2 7.5*2
 Length (mm) 6300 9000  12600
 Width(mm) 1310  1500  1500
 Height(mm) 1550 1700  1700
 Weight(t) 3 4 7.5



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