disc wood chipper

Disc wood chipper machine, one of wood chipping machines, is specially designed for cutting wood logs, wood timbers. By it, wood materials can be cut into high quality wood chips and shavings with flat incision, even length and uniform chip thickness. The premium wood chips processed by disc wood chipper have got lots of popularity in wood processing industries. Special design, perfect performance, disc wood chipper is an ideal wood crushing equipment for wood chips processing.

disc wood chipper

wood chips

Disc Wood Chipper Application

Unique disc type blades design and reliable blades layout, the disc wood chipper is suitable for processing wood logs,wood timbers, wood planks with a diameter about 3-18cm and a length not less than 25cm. The disc wood chipper has a great performance with regular wood materials, such as wood logs, wood timbers,wood planks, etc. It is not suitable for processing wood materials with changeable shapes. The final products wood chips or wood shavings which is with flat incision, even length and uniform chip thickness, have a wide application for paper, pulp, plywood, wood chipboards, biomass fuel production.

Structure and Working Principle of Disc Wood Chipper

The disc wood chipper is composed of these main parts: base foundation, chipping body, straight transmit gearing and power engine. The chipping part of the disc chipping machine is the disc blades in the chipping body. When crushing, the disc and the chipping blades welded on the disc rotating fast together. Then the wood materials is transmitted to te chipping place by the transmission device. The wood materials encounter the rotating chipping blades and is cut into wood chips. As the wood materials get shorter, the transmission device will transmit them to the same chipping place. Finally, the wood chips with flat incision, even length and uniform chip thickness are processed.

disc wood chipper working principle

Characteristics and Benefits of Disc Wood Chipper

1.Compact structure, simple operation, the disc wood chipper has a wide application for wood logs,wood timbers, wood planks processing.
2. Adopting the unique disc blades layout, the disc wood chipper is widely used for premium wood chips processing.
3. The chipper body is made of high strength steel, firm, shock-resistant, with less noise.
4. Special design and reliable blades layout, the disc wood chipper works more efficiently. The wood chips is of even length and uniform thickness.
5. Scientific overall design scheme, the disc wood chipping works efficiently and is easy to take care and repair.

Technical Data of Disc Type Wood Chipper

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Disc type wood chipper



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