Wood Chipper for Animal Bedding Feedstock Processing

Best Material for Animal Bedding 1. Cedar and Pine The bedding material that potentially can cause some health issues is soft wood, primarily cedar and pine. Cedar is popular because its aromatic qualities help cover odors in a pet’s environment, it has some insect repellent qualities, and can even kill certain moths, the anecdotal data are largely supportive of pine shavings as animal bedding. Pine is the number one selling bedding for pets and livestock. Recycled Newspaper Pelleted or shredded newspaper is more suitable for small pets like cats,etc. 3. Corn Cob

Another non-toxic bedding, enjoys some popularity with caged bird owners. While with corn cob for bedding, you should clean regularly as then it gets wet, it will produce neurotoxin.

Wood Bedding Pellets Advantages compared with Shavings or Straw

Wood pellets for animal bedding can be made by a wood pellet machine from sawdust or straw with feedstock size 3-5mm. Through pelletizing process, it can greatly improve material density and strengthen absorbent ability. Besides, as the pelletizing temperature can be 80℃, so the tars, oils, hydro-carbons, and other potential allergen are all removed, thus good for animal health.

 Animal bedding pellets

 Wood shavings

Wood chipper is frequently used in industrial lumber application as part of wood recycling and manufacturing processing. Reasonable design, compact and simple structure, it is also used in agricultural industry to process agricultural waste such as corn stalk, bean stalks, coconut shell, wheat straw, rice husk, bamboo, cotton stalks, etc. The processed fiber materials can be used to make biofuel pellets and briquettes. However, do you know that wood chipper has performed good in animal bedding processing?

Wood Chipper

for Animal Bedding Processing

Wood chipper is designed as a wood crushing machine. Commonly, wood chipper is composed of this parts: including a hopper, a collar, a chipper, a collection bin and a power engine. The power engine is with two types: the electric motor and the diesel engine. To make animal bedding, the wood chipper mainly works in two ways because of the different types of animal bedding. The wood chipper can crushing wood and other fiber materials into wood shavings, wood slices, wood sawdust to satisfy the bedding requirements of a variety of animals. Another way to make animal bedding is to make the processed wood and fiber materials into wood pellets to make premium animal bedding pellets for commercial purposes. The production cost of wood pellets may be higher than wood shavings and wood sawdust, however it can absorb more water and keep state for a long time.

Benefits of Animal Bedding Processed by Wood Chipper

*The wood shavings and wood pellets are like absorbent sponges to keeps animals dry, clean and healthy. *They can hold a large volume of urine to reduce the unpleasant smell in the stalls. *Wood shavings and wood pellets are 100% natural and bacteria free. They can protect the animals hooves from bacterial infections.

*Easy to use and easy to clean up, the wood shavings and wood pellets will give you a comfortable experience of animal bedding.

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