Wood Crusher or Wood Chipper, which machine is more suitable for you? Find guidance Here! Get lowest possible price about Wood Crusher Machine for Sale!

  • Common Wood Hammer Mill

    Ideal for large and medium scale wood production, the common wood hammer mill is suitable for grinding planer shavings, dry wood chips, green wood chips, pre-hogged wood scraps, wood sawdust, wood barks, torrefied biomass and so on.

    Common Wood Hammer Mill
  • Waterdrop Wood Hammer Mill

    The waterdrop wood hammer mill can be used for both wood common grinding and wood fine grinding. The end product has a wide range application in biomass fuel field. Low energy consumption, stable function,compact structure.

    Waterdrop Wood Hammer Mill
  • Wide Chamber Wood Hammer Mill

    The wide chamber wood hammer mill can process raw materials such as wood sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, wood scraps, wood cuttings, especially pine sawdust, coconut shells, palm kernel shells which require a lot for grinding fineness.

    Wide Chamber Wood Hammer Mill
  • Small Electric Wood Hammer Mill

    This small wood hammer mill specially for small scale biomass materials grinding. Driven by electric motor makes the small wood hammer mill more energy-saving and environmental friendly.

    Small Electric Wood Hammer Mill
  • Small Diesel Wood Hammer Mill

    The diesel wood hammer mill is a type of small yield hammer mill. It's common used for crushing wood material at home and farm or in small scale wood processing factories.

    Small Diesel Wood Hammer Mill
  • Single Inlet Wood Crusher

    Wood crusher integrates crushing and grinding, adopting blade cutting and high-speed airflow impacting, which highly improves the pulverization effect. Usually used for processing fiber materials such as pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar,branches.

    Single Inlet  Wood Crusher
  • Double- Inlet Wood Crusher

    Double inlet wood crusher is the dedicated device for crushing wood and timber. This crushing machine is equipped with the premium motor, special quality knives and cutters which make it sturdy, durable, high efficiency and energy saving.

    Double- Inlet Wood Crusher
  • Stalk Crusher Machine

    We supply a crushing machine specially designed for agro stalks crushing with solid foundation for further drying and pelletizing; one-time crush for cotton stalks, agricultural straws, branches, straw, alfalfa, peanut shells, peanut vine, etc.

    Stalk Crusher Machine
  • Drum Wood Chipper

    Drum wood chipper processing work is mainly achieved by the blades on the rapidly rotating rollers. High capacity, reliable function, drum wood chipper has a lot of benefits for wood logs, wood waste and agro waste processing.

    Drum Wood Chipper
  • Disc Wood Chipper

    Disc wood chipper machine, one of wood chipping machines, is specially designed for cutting wood logs, wood timbers with a diameter about 3-18cm and a length not less than 25cm, enjoying wide application for wood pellets and wood briquette industry.

    Disc Wood Chipper
  • Double Roller Wood Debarker

    Wood debarker is the equipment for logs debarking. With two rollers, our debarking machine has the features of high work efficiency, high productivity, low consumption and wide application. Raw materials range from softwood and hardwood to freezing wo

    Double Roller Wood Debarker